Friday, August 13, 2010

Beergrimmage Booty Part 1

Here's what we brought home from Belgium, purchased at the Beir Tempel in Brussels and smuggled using bubble wrap in our luggage. 24/24 intact! Recognize anything?

We also purchased another case at Beer Planet, also in Brussels. We had this shipped and should be getting it soon. Should have had it all shipped...this would have been more cost effective, but we wanted to diversify our risk a little bit.


  1. can you comment your experience at Beer Planet. they have a website where you can buy almost all Belgian beers. it is hard to believe, but i want to try ...

  2. I won't have the final verdict until the precious cargo arrives, but being at the store was excellent. Had just about everything in Belgium, and the prices were comparable to Bier Tempel (plus or minus 1 Euro for each bottle). The kicker is that if you spend more than 100 Euro, they'll throw in a free Westvleteren (your choice of Blonde, 8, or 12). The shipping, I thought was reasonable. For a case, it was 70 Euro, if I'd have bought two cases, it would be 85 Euro (should have done that). Compare this to the 48 Euro I paid for the extra piece of luggage for the stash pictured (not to mention bubble wrap). I'll let you know when I get the package how it worked out.

  3. Update: My case cleared customs in NY today!

    Also interesting that I found a hidden Abbey Saint Martin Bruin in my luggage that I forgot about after this picture was taken. It was delicious! The De Ryck Special in the picture was nasty, though...I don't like my beer to taste like gorgonzola.